Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Seven Day Share 23-29 May |2016|

Jive Club on Monday which was lovely. Simon taught a brilliant Lindyhop  inspired lesson which was awesome as I've still not got to any lindy or swing lessons! 

There was an adorably cute and tiny puppy at the gliding club that I wanted to steal. Probably would have fitted in my pocket. 

My fabric sample turned up for my dress. I loved the pattern and it was a decent enough match, I'm just it sure about the weight of the fabric. It's very fine cotton lawn and for some reason I was expecting something with a bit more body to it. Going to have to try and visit a fabric shop I think, before I part with my money!! 

Had another lovely evening (and a lovely outfit!) at Footloose Jive in Bury. They're a really great bunch and the music is excellent. 

On Friday I finally purchased a new larger vivarium so the snakes can be split up. Flare is pooing properly (too much info??) again now, but still needs to be kept an eye on so they'll be moving in in the next week or so. Happy snakes! Charcoal is getting the bigger viv as he's the biggest and Flare will just be happy to be out of her monitoring box. She really hates it but it's been for her own good! 

We also visited a tiny castle ruin in Eye which I didn't know existed until fairly recently! 

My brother landed his glider in a field and had to be retrieved on Saturday. Luckily he wasn't too far away, but sadly he did do some damage to the glider. He's fine though which is the important thing! 

Started watching some of the Marvel movies over the weekend. Really want to get Agent Carter on DVD as she is awesome. Major style goals right there. 

I ran on Wednesday and Sunday again which was wonderful. Every time I run right now I beat my personal best for 5k which is a great feeling, and on Sunday I ran for the longest time so far! 

Other than running, Sunday was rather slow but I had a lovely roast dinner with my friends and we caught up on a bit more of Reign. Perfect Sunday evening! 

How was your week? 

Jo :) 

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Seven Day Share 16-22 May |2016|

A tired start to the week what with being at the airfield and jazz on Sunday, there's been a big change going on in the workshop and it's pretty much useable at this point which is very exciting. 

I got myself some new plimsolls (which still need wearing in) and some cute watermelon themed socks as a treat from Sainsburys. They do some very pretty stuff now and @retrogirlck on Instagram has clued me into their cute shrugs and more! 

Tuesday evening was the Jazz Club committee meeting and the less said about that the better. I did however get SnapChat this week and that has provided much amusement. (Aveganpinup if you want to add me, it's a bit random, but I think that's ok?!)

I've started a new book (and then been lent another) so I'm going to try and finish this first one as soon as possible. It's all diary excerpts and book quotations and I love hearing about people's stories through history. Especially in their own words. 

Had an awesome time at Stow Maries playing with planes I never thought I'd get a chance to work on. Not the most productive Wednesday morning, but you can't be sad at Stow. It's almost impossible. 

Thursday we tried out Footloose Jive in Bury again. It was a very good lesson and we had a lovely evening. 

I ordered a pattern from the selection of the Big Vintage Sewalong and ordered a fabric sample to see if it will match my hat. It's a Michael Miller fabric so it's a lot of money to spend if it doesn't!! 

Friday evening was lovely as usual. We ended up going through old photos with some of my friend's family and it was equal parts cute (goddaughter), hysterical (us) and embarrassing (we all got a hit of that too). 

Charlie made us vegan pizza for which I will love her eternally and it was EPIC. I ate it before there was a photo opportunity though. 

Saturday was a meh day except for scrabble, The Blue Max and a naughty Chinese takeaway. 

Sunday I tried to get back on track and managed a 30 minute run! Woohoo! I also want to a boot sale and bought dragon toys for the Goddaughter. I had a nice afternoon of craftiness and then back to the friends again for a delicious roast dinner. 

We also started watching "Reign" on Netflix. Which is nothing like we expected it to be, but kind of silly and enjoyable none the less. 

Hope you all had a lovely week!

Jo :)

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Seven Day Share 09-15 May |2016|

I feel like I've just been knackered all this week! Drove to Essex super early on Monday, which kind of wiped me out for the rest of the day. Lunched outside again. Managed to grab a kip before going to the Jive Club at marconi's in the evening. Had loads of fun and really loved my cute 60s inspired outfit. 

Worked away from the workshops at Rattlesden on Tuesday which is always a nice change. No time to explore the old buildings there this time, but I love the control tower clubhouse. 

Finished reading House of Cards today. Really enjoyed it. Found it nicely fast paced and gripping. Going to try and watch the TV shows at some point I think. 

Had an amazing day on Thursday. Stopped work at Tibenham at noon and helped my Dad rig and weigh his new glider. The Oly 401. She's a one off and Dad has flown her on three continents having been part of the Aden Services Gliding Club while he was in the RAF.

He's so pleased to have her back again and we got some lovely photos when my brother Mike and I chased him in another two seat glider! 

Topped the day off with chip shop chips. Such a treat! 

Watched "How to Train Your Dragon 2" and more "IZombie" both of which are brilliant. Friday nights with my friends are always full of good food and better company. 

Finally finished a canopy cover I've had in my sewing pile for years on Saturday. Made jazz posters and some hair flowers. Had a very lazy dinner of chinese takeaway with Dad before I packed everything up for this week. 

Had a Brilliant day at the Stow Maries fly in. The World War One planes from the vintage aviator are just stunning. 

I was very lucky to get to fly the Skybolt again after the public left and we did aerobatics! Three aileron rolls to be precise! Exciting stuff!! 

Jazz on a Sunday night for the first time in weeks. Lovely band with Mile Barry at the helm. Absolutely shattered again now!!

How was your week? 

Jo :) 

Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Seven Day Share 02-08 May |2016|

I picked up my new to me car on Monday. It's all taxed, insured and ready to go. Very excited about that. Dropped it at the garage on Friday to have it's exhaust bolted back on, but that was an expected expense and the price I got it for reflected it, so I'm still pleased! 
She's called Astrid the Astra, because Dr Who and names that sound the same. (I've had a Penelope Peugeot previously. I'm not the only one who names cars, right?!)

My mega happy moment of the week was selling my old Jag ten minutes after I listed it on eBay! I might have got more if I'd let the auction run, but it's sold, and I've got the money to sort out Astrid in my pocket. I literally ran around the house like an over excited puppy. 

The weather was lovely this week and my three days working in Essex have involved a lot of time outside for lunch and actual work! Which has been great. Lunches outside have been gorgeous, it's of salad, hummus and veggie wraps. Perfect warm weather lunches. 

Treated myself to a couple of new books on Tuesday. I finished The Amber Shadows, it was ok. I quite enjoyed reading it but it wasn't overly thrilling. Something to dip in and out of on a train journey type book. I got House of Cards too. A friend watched the Netflix series and loved it so I shall read it, and then lend it to him! 

Dancing on Thursday at a fairly new place for us. Footloose Jive in Bury St Edmunds. They play really great music, which suits our style well, and the lessons have been good the few times we've been as well! 

Saturday I was determined to get my March/April sewing goal finished. Hey presto an ultra high waisted pencil skirt in a very bright tartan. I was very pleased with it. It took longer than I thought, but was worth it! 

I ended the week on a complete high, I re-joined my local gliding club last month and today spent a full day up there to fly rather than work. I'm very rusty, but had a couple of lovely flights and they were in a new glider type for me. Fingers crossed to go solo over the summer. I'd forgotten how much I love days at the airfield. I had dinner with my friends and goddaughter which just topped off a rather brilliant weekend. 

How has your week been? 

Jo :) 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Ultra High Waisted Pencil Skirt |2016 Sewing|

Well I finally found a day to sit down and complete March and April's sewing project from the six sewing goals I set myself at the beginning of the year! 

I'm quite pleased with how it turned out really. I used Simplicity 2 Hour Skirt (version 3) as a base and altered it just a tad. I made it longer, not by slashing in the middle as I'm a rebel, but just by adding a few inches to the hem! I extended the side seams (and centre back) up till I was happy with where it say under my bust. The pattern darts I ignored completely. I stuck the skirt on a dress form once it was pieced together with the zip inserted, and just pinned the darts to fit. 

I haven't got it quite right round the waist, but it fits, and I can fettle it next time! 

Outfit Details:

Hair Flowers: Old Asda and Gifted by @thegalcanthelpit 
Top: Old Matalan
Skirt: Self Made
Shoes: Pleaser (mine were off eBay)


Bra: House of Satin (sorry the strap is showing!!)
Girdle: Maidenform
Nude Seam Stockings: Seamer from Stockings HQ

Now for some more pictures! 

I originally intended to add braces to the skirt, and I have buttons ready to do so, but I think it might just look a little odd! So we'll stick with it as is for now!! 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Jo :) 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

April Roundup |2016|

The fact I'm posting both March and April together should tell you something about my April. It's felt like one of those months where I've just been dragging myself in ten different directions. 

I was still ill at the beginning of the month and I still have a cough from it now. Which is a bit rubbish. 

Haven't done an awful lot in the way of dancing, although I think we've just about managed once a week. 

I read quite a few books:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (comfort reading while I was still sick)
Spitfires Over Malta (finally!! So pleased to have finished this!)
The Blue Max (totally different to the film. In all honesty, kind of depressing)
The Zeppelin Destroyer (what?! Written in such an old fashioned manner, enjoyable, but I'm not sure what just happened) 

Good points:

My goddaughters third birthday party. I'm fairly certain everyone had a blast. Adults included. We had a lot of fun the night before cooking up mountains of vegan cupcakes too. 

On that note, cakes made with Betty Crocker cake mix and fizzy drinks are AMAZING. I now have an obsession. Which has done my waistline no good at all. 

Had a lovely couple of evenings with friends. One where we watched the live action Cinderella. I must have the step mum's clothes. The second in Bury with Kate again. She's found a pub that might become our haunt! 

Bad things: 

My car failed it's MOT kind of catastrophically, but with a lot of help from my mum I found a new (to me) one so I'm kind of happy again, but I will miss the jag! 

One of my snakes unexpectedly laid eggs, then prolapsed and had to have surgery. It was very stressful for everyone involved and I'm so incredibly grateful to the vets practice as we're fairly certain she's on the mend. 

Didn't even manage to complete my March/April sewing goal, but going to try and get that sorted this weekend before finding fabric for the next two months! 

Also it snowed and hailed. Quite a lot. Indoors in the hangar where I was working for two days. Miserable weather. 

I've lost all semblance of organisation and routine in my life!!! With everything going on its just gone to pot. So I'm going to try and get on that again in May. Get my rhythm back. 

I forget what I've done so quickly which seems a shame. I'm going to take a cue from Butterfly Balcony's blog and do a weekly update instead. I think Wendy has the right idea. Keep motivated with it and be accountable. Hopefully it will also get me back in the habit of blogging regularly. 

My April goals fell by the wayside. Although I did set my hair a couple of times I think! 

May goals? 
Blog a weekly update. 
Run at least once. 
Finish April's skirt...

The goal's are always the same, they're things I want to do so why is it so hard to accomplish them sometimes?! 

How was your April? More productive than mine?? :) 

Jo :) 

March Roundup |2016|

Well. March is done. It ended amazingly badly when I got a terrible cold that was nearly flu like in intensity. It certainly kept me in bed for long enough!! It's also the reason this post is so late! 

I can't think that I did anything special in March to be honest! I was glad that I pretty much kept to my outfit a day challenge, but as I've shared them all on Instagram I won't bore you with them here too! You can find them under #outfitadaymarch

I danced a lot still. We had the Easter party at Jazz which was a fun evening. Although half the band were stoned and rude sadly. 

I made my first pair of shorts ever and loved them. I definitely want to make more, and add pockets! 

Went into Bury for dinner again with my lovely friend Kate. Had a nice chat in a cosy pub. 

I read an incredibly interesting book called "The Airmen Who Wouldn't Die". It's about the idea of life after death all centred around the R101 airship disaster. A fascinating read if you believe or not. 

I also read "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" while I was sick on the last day of the month. I always reach for the HP books if I'm stuck in bed. They're so comforting!! 

Still slowly getting through "Spitfires over Malta". It's a very fact based book and although the content is interesting, and I love reading the diary excerpts, it's quite hard going for me. I will finish it soon! 

I binge watched The Walking Dead when I was sick and the season finale was epic. 

Annoyingly I didn't run or cycle again, I did start doing yoga in the mornings though which I really enjoyed until I got sick. 

April Goals:

Set my hair more often. 
German practice. 
Yoga everyday (when I'm better!) 
Blog more....again!